Nordic Workshop 2022

13.09.2022 Hamburg

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Nordic Workshop 2022

Welcome to our Nordic Workshop 2022, let's meet LIVE in Hamburg!

The event is organized by Visit Norway, Visit Iceland, Visit Finland and VisitDenmark to enable meetings between suppliers, destinations and service providers from Norway, FinlandIceland, and Denmark and tour operators from Germany.

The Nordic Workshop 2022 is taking place on the 13th of September from 10.00-16.00 in Hamburg.

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Registration is possible from 02nd May 2022.
Matchmaking starts 15th May 2022.



Individual appointments

Nordic Workshop 2022 matches suppliers and buyers based on individual profiles, segments and needs.

Who can participate? 

Supplier: Tourist boards, tourism businesses, service providers and destinations from Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark. 

Buyer: Tour operators from Germany as well as incoming agencies are invited to join the event free of charge.

How does it work?

Registered participants will be able to filter matching suppliers/ buyers and request individual meetings. 

The meeting between two participants takes 20 minutes LIVE in Hamburg.

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